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Oral Surgeon Houston

Oral Surgeon Houston

2 Common Reasons Why You Would Need An Oral Surgeon In Houston

If you schedule an appointment with your dentist and you are referred to an oral surgeon in Houston, you might be scared—for obvious reasons. But, if you do not fully comprehend why your dentist wants you to see an oral surgeon, no need to get scared—until you have to. More often than not, the sound of surgery scares a lot of people. And some might think that it is the end of the world!

So, anything that sounds similar is definitely bad news. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is, obviously, due to serious misconception of the concept. So, to ease the tension, you need to comprehend that it might be a minor ailment, and your appointment might also be just to confirm a prognosis of the minor ailment or get a surgical opinion—an assistant. Whew! Relieved? You should be—if you are scared. That said, here are 4 common reasons why you would need an oral surgeon in Houston.

Impacted Teeth: Know what that means? Probably not. They are teeth that did not emerge from the gum, properly, as it should have. So those partially impacted teeth might get you to see an oral surgeon in Houston. You might think that this happens to only kids. That is not true. Adults can have impacted teeth problem. For adults, it is their third molars commonly known as the wisdom teeth. And the wisdom teeth might not feel like ‘wisdom’ teeth when it could cause serious discomfort.

And there are two kinds of impacted teeth: partially impacted teeth and fully impacted teeth. The former happens when the teeth did not emerge from the gum completely, but erupts from the gumline. And the latter happens when the teeth did not emerge from the gumline at all.

Is this a big deal? It is not surprising, if you ask this question you know—especially when you are not feeling any pain just the usual discomfort that is normally associated with teeth growth. And yes, it could be a big deal. Why? It could increase your risk of dental complications—later on in life. For example, it could cause your gum to be infected or negatively affect the alignment of your teeth—this cause for concern.

So why do I need an oral surgeon in Houston? After medical examination, s/he might decide that an extraction is the best cause of action.


You might be familiar with the word because millions of Americans schedule a visit to a dental hospital every year to have their teeth properly straightened. There is very likelihood that you might have done it. It is not a bad thing—if it sounds that way. Every sane person wants to look beautiful and handsome—especially for their spouse. And have a perfectly looking smile. So, if you have not done it and you have a perfect set of teeth—you are in-luck considering the percentage of male and female with not-so-perfect-looking set of teeth. It is envious if you see someone with pearly white teeth—especially if yours is hmm…different.


Oral Surgeon Houston
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Oral Surgeon Houston Oral Surgeon Houston

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