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Dentist Tomball Tx 77375

Dentist Tomball Tx 77375

How A Dentist In Tomball TX 77375 Can Treat Your Dry Mouth

Having a dry mouth can make you uncomfortable. Lack of saliva can create room for unhealthy oral bacteria to grow in your mouth. Make an appointment with a dentist in Tomball TX 77375 who can treat the ailment by recommending a successful dry mouth therapy for you. Dry mouth can be physically painful because of the lack of saliva. The parched sensation often makes it difficult to speak and swallow food. The result of lack of saliva is a higher susceptibility to plaque formation. Treatment here is aimed at improving the quality of life of the patient.

Why is a Dentist in Tomball TX 77375 a Valuable Resource?

It is normal to say we have all seen a dentist for checkups in the past, so we can conclude that he or she will be familiar with your case. The file containing your health history helps the dentist to accurately determine what is causing your dry mouth, and then attack the cause to remove oral dryness. A dentist will have the medical background and right experience to pinpoint the cause of the oral dryness accurately. In addition to looking at your file, the dentist will ask questions to find out the cause. The permanent way to treat the dryness is to remove the cause.

Questions the Dentist Can Ask You

Your dentist will direct you on what treatment method you will undergo after asking questions like:

Do You Take Special Medications?

According to the American Dental Association, there are nearly 500 over-the-counter and prescription drugs associated with dry mouth. These medications range from blood pressure drugs to antihistamines and painkillers.

Do You have a Systemic Autoimmune Disorder?

A primary symptom of dry mouth is Sjögren's syndrome (an autoimmune disorder) a condition that attacks your saliva glands. There are also other autoimmune issues associated with dry mouth.

Are You Undergoing Radiation Therapy?

Patients in radiation therapy for neck and/or head cancers usually experience dry mouth in the event that the radiation treatment damages their saliva glands.

Are You a Smoker?

Smokers generally experience dry mouth. People who smoke cigarettes, pipes, and cigars are susceptible to the condition.

What a Dentist in Tomball TX 77375 Will Recommend

A dentist in Tomball TX 77375 will recommend the following treatment options for you:

    Eliminate Certain Foods Avoid sugar as much as possible as it dries the mouth. Avoid coffee, tea and caffeinated beverages in general that contribute to mouth dryness. Don't take alcohol as it can cause similar effects. Use a Straw to Drink (This option applies if it is difficult for you to swallow liquids.) Increase Your Water Intake Drinking more water and taking sips through the day will help to moisten your mouth. Depending on Your Medication You Will Be Asked to See a Doctor You will be asked to book an appointment with your doctor to see if you can alter medications or dosage to alleviate oral dryness. Do not alter your medications without your doctor's approval. Your Dentist May Recommend You Use Products Designed for Dry Mouth. Some of these products include dry mouth gel and Fluoride toothpaste.


Dentist Tomball Tx 77375
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Dentist Tomball Tx 77375 Dentist Tomball Tx 77375

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