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Dentist Aldine 77039

Dentist Aldine 77039

How A Dentist In Aldine, Zip 77039 Can Help You With Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a health disorder that causes respiratory difficulties during sleep (occasionally respiration can halt when the patient is sleeping). According to data collected by the National Institutes of Health, sleep apnea is a common disorder that affects nearly twelve million Americans. The affected individual can stop breathing for at least 10 seconds to a few minutes. On occasion, the pauses in respiration can take place about 30 times within an hour. Sleep apnea can result in life-threatening health issues related to oxygen deprivation in the event that it isn't addressed.

Some health issues that may arise due to oxygen deprivation caused by sleep apnea include heart disease, sexual dysfunction, high blood pressure and learning or memory issues. Keeping this in mind it is essential to see a dentist in Aldine, Zip 77039 for your sleep apnea. Addressed here are more details about this disorder and the treatment options your dentist may recommend.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

The following are some of the warning signs of sleep apnea:

- Loud snoring.

- Frequent silences during sleep.

- Choking or gasping for air during sleep.

- Sudden awakenings when breathing is restart.

- Feeling sleepy during the day.

What Treatment Will a Dentist in Aldine, Zip 77039 Recommend For You

In a bid to reduce sleep apnea, several medical agencies have introduced sleep apnea dental appliances. Some standard oral devices designed for this purpose include the Tongue Retaining Device and the Mandibular Repositioning Device. These devices function by opening the airway of the patient by bringing their lower jaw or tongue forward when they sleep. These dental appliances have found successful for the treatment of sleep apnea mild to moderate. Fewer apneas can occur when using dental devices.

If an affected individual decides to use an appliance, it is essential that a dentist completes the designing of the appliance for the patient's mouth. The dentist has the skill set to design and fabricate the appliance. A dentist can create a mold of teeth and jaws for the patient. It is paramount that the dentist who fixes the appliance is one who specializes in sleep apnea. Make sure you work with the oral therapist to determine if there are dental problems involved with using dental appliances.

Why Should a Dentist in Aldine, Zip 77039 Help Treat Your Sleep Apnea?

While sleep apnea occasionally occurs within the airways, its symptoms come through the mouth. Which is why since dentists are mouth experts, it is only appropriate that they complete this procedure (particularly one with significant knowledge of sleep apnea). Another benefit of choosing a dentist for sleep apnea therapy is that a dentist can pick out specific issues in your mouth that could be exacerbating the sleep apnea. If you grind your teeth during sleep, your dentist will help to repair any damages that this may have caused.

Dental treatment options for sleep apnea provide a huge array of advantages to a patient's health, appearance, and condition. The techniques involving the use of oral appliance will not cure the condition, but it will reduce its occurrence. The purpose of therapy is to improve the quality of life.


Dentist Aldine 77039
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Dentist Aldine 77039 Dentist Aldine 77039

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