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Best Dentist Houston

Best Dentist Houston

6 Characteristics Of The Best Dentist in Houston

To be regarded as the best dentist in Houston, there are certain characteristics that you must possess. In the Houston area, there are several dentists in public and private practice but to be regarded as the best or at least one of the best, you must be ready to do a little more than what every other dentist is doing.

Below are 6 characteristics that can qualify you as the best dentist in Houston;

Manual dexterity:

Compared to some other fields of medicine where there is ample space to work with, dentists are forced to work within the small space provided by the mouth. Therefore, to qualify as one of Houston's best dentist you must possess very good manual dexterity. You must be able to work with steady hands in the small space that the mouth provides, even with tools.

Comfortable with close interpersonal interaction:

A dentist will spend the majority of his time being up close with his patient. Not all of us is comfortable with such close contact. A good dentist, on another hand, is comfortable with close interpersonal interaction. They can work for hours on their patient's mouth, regardless of how unpleasant the breath or set of teeth may be.

You must also have good interpersonal skills, with the ability to make your patients feel comfortable.

Good business sense:

Majority of dentists also have their private practice. Running a business takes a lot. A good businessman must know when to hire and when to let go, he must know the type of staff that he needs at each time. A good businessman must be good at money management.

One of the most popular reasons behind the failure of businesses is lack of good money management by founders, CEO or Management. All of these qualities must be obtainable in a good dentist. He must not just be good at the job of working within closed spaces of the patient's mouth, but must equally be good at keeping a balanced financial spreadsheet.

Excellent communication skills:

There is a whole of jargon associated with the medical profession, and dentistry is not left out. To be qualified as one of Houston's best dentist, you must be able to explain high sounding technical terms to your patients in the simplest of ways. You must be able to explain the diagnosis to patients without putting fear into them, regardless of how bad the situation may actually be. And with every diagnosis, there must be ample recommendation for treatment, management or prevention. It is not enough to tell the patient what ails them, a good dentist must let the patient know the way out.

The desire to learn and improve:

Dentistry, just like most other fields of science, is highly dynamic. Every day, there are new technological advances and more innovative procedures. The way things were done about a year ago is not the same as they are done now. A good dentist must stay abreast of these advances, he/she must have a strong desire to learn and improve. They must be willing to attend seminars and workshops, be read relevant journals in their field. This is one of the ways they can deliver effectively to their patients.


Not every medical problem has a clear-cut solution or treatment. This is also true in dentistry. Some problems will be presented to you that requires solution beyond what you were taught in medical school and beyond the scope of your textbooks. It would require ingenuity and sharp problem-solving skills. A good dentist must have good problem-solving skills.

These are some of the features that qualify anyone to be regarded as the best or one of Houston's best dentist.


Best Dentist Houston
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Best Dentist Houston Best Dentist Houston

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