I had a superb experience getting my tooth implant from Trinity Dental. They are very professional, very much aware of the needs of the patient, prompt, and un-hurried. I felt no pain at all. The office facility is pleasant and the entire staff behaves as if “the patient comes first”. My recovery was rapid and my new crown is so comfortable that I don’t even notice it. I highly and explicitly recommend Trinity Dental without hesitation. It was a very positive experience and, of course, my problem has been resolved!

—  Carmel

I still cannot believe I am back here-with 16 permanent implants in place. For the last five years I was on the lookout for an implantologist who could do dental implant treatment for me. To my disappointment I was told by most of the surgeons that dental implant treatment is impossible as there is not enough bone. It is at this time I heard about Trinity Dental. Now I’m back and the fact that that dream of implanting is now a reality is still almost beyond belief. I can hardly believe it all has happened. After a lifetime of trouble with my teeth- to suddenly have a totally changed reality-is incredible. It’s truly life changing.

And that change is unquantifiable-it goes far beyond the limits of financial payment. I can never thank you enough.

And please thank your staff for their help-they were very good.

—  Mathew

I had the complaint of stained unaesthetic anterior teeth, then I approached Trinity Dental and had full mouth rehabilitation treatment. Now I am completely satisfied with good aesthetic smile. Now my confident level has been increased. I was impressed by doctor’s kind treatment and Hygienic Procedures and a Pleasant Environment.

—  Karen

My two daughters and myself all had cleanings and evaluations at Trinity Dental. My eldest daughter also had 2 teeth extracted. The staff was extremely professional and the care was incredible. My daughter that here teeth pulled felt absolutely no discomfort with the procedure. My 4 year who had a cleaning loved the experience and can’t wait to go back.

Thank you for your wonderful care.

—  Jeff

I was referred to Trinity Dental through a mutual friend. I was pleased with the amount of care given to my root canal procedure, and the follow up appt. Honestly, if you are looking for a Dentist who truly cares about giving you the best service possible, with the least amount of anxiety…this is the one.

—  Linda