Trinity Dental Centers is the vision of Dr. Sheikh that was started in 2002 when as a new graduate he worked at a community health center in Laredo, Texas. While working in Laredo he saw many patients who did not have money to get quality dental care. Many of his patients would travel to Mexico or other Latin American countries to seek dental care. Patients would also postpone needed care until they had enough funds. Dr. Sheikh realized the importance of timely and quality dental care was something he wanted to bring to more of his patients. After leaving Laredo he returned home to Houston and started practicing Dentistry serving poor and under-served communities. Patients loved his honest and candid approach. Dr. Sheikh would work with his patients to balance their dental needs with their financial responsibilities. He knew it was important to offer care that people can afford. As Trinity Dental grew his ideas and vision continue to be the central focus. Trinity Dental Centers mission is to:

  • Offer Affordable Dentistry
  • Quality and timely care
  • Positive Patient experience
About Trinity Dental Centers

Each Trinity Dental Center is individually owned and operated by a doctor. Our doctors are always available for consultation and want to make sure you receive quality care. When you visit one of our clinics we want you to have a positive experience. Our staff is trained to care for patients of all ages. We have doctors on staff covering most specialties such as pediatric dentistry, Orthodontics (Braces), General Dentist, Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Surgery.

Our mission to offer affordable dentistry is important to us as our fees are competitive. We offer free second opinions and affordable payment plans. Financing is also available for our patients through multiple channels. Come visit us and we will create a treatment plan that is adequate and affordable. You don’t have to do it all in one visit as our doctors can spread it out over several months with the most urgent need treated first.